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Home » Oraimo Riff 2 Vs Oraimo Airbuds 4–What Is The Difference

Oraimo Riff 2 Vs Oraimo Airbuds 4–What Is The Difference

Oraimo Riff 2 Vs Oraimo Airbuds 4
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Oraimo Riff 2 Vs Oraimo Airbuds 4. Deciding on which earbuds to get is a problem especially when getting earbuds for the first time. In this post, we will be comparing two Oraimo earbuds–Oraimo Riff 2 and Oraimo Airbuds 4. Both earbuds have a good build and outstanding features that will make them the number one choice. However, you are not here to get both, are you? So we did a comparison test on both earbuds and we have test results. All you need to do is to carefully go through this post and decide for yourself which earbuds will suit you. Let’s get into it.

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Appearance And Build Quality

The Oraimo Riff 2 comes in a semi-open design charging case with a translucent lid. It is compact and can slide into any pocket. The case comes with an LED indicator that shows the battery state and pairing mode of the earbuds. Underneath the charging case is the Type-C charging interface and close to it is the reset button— this is useful when you want to reset the earbuds. The Riff 2 case is made from durable plastic with a matte finish.

The earbuds come in two colors–Nebula blue and black. On the other hand, the Oraimo Airbuds 4 comes in a much familiar case, this also has a translucent lid, and it’s also made of plastic with a matte finish. This only comes in a single black color. The Airbuds 4 has an LED display at the front which boldly displays the earbuds and case battery level. It has its Type-C charging interface underneath also but doesn’t come with a reset button.

Both earbuds are different in shape. The Riff 2 is a stem-styled earbud with a half-in-ear design. The comfort level of these earbuds is great. You hardly feel any fatigue when you have them on for a long period. All the controls are at the top of the earbuds which is the only glossy part of the earbuds and are easy to access.

Whereas, the Airbuds 4 have a stemless design and features an in-ear design– because of its in-ear design, you get extra ear tips in the box to help get the perfect match for your ears. The Airbuds 4 earbuds are also great on the comfort level. But if you are the type that always pushes the earbuds totally into your ear canals, you will experience some discomfort after a while of using the earbuds.

Both earbuds come with IPX4 waterproof rating which means both can withstand little water splashes and sweat. They are also resistant to dust and their matte finish makes them resistant to fingerprints and stains. As you know design is based on personal preference because the inclusion of the LED battery level display you have on the Airbuds 4 takes the design section. However, on comfort level, the Riff 2 is the clear winner.

Oraimo Rif 2 Vs Oraimo Airbuds 4–Sound Quality

Now to the second, one thing I notice about Oraimo earbuds is that their earbuds seem to have the same sound quality. But I hope in this case we will have a clear winner. The Riff 2 comes with a 12mm dynamic driver which tends to deliver a balanced sound profile. The bass is moderate with good-quality highs and misses. You can hear the vocals and distinguish between the instruments.

One thing I notice is that because of its half-in-ear design, most of the sound quality is lost to the surroundings. On the other hand, the Oraimo Airbuds 4 comes with a 6mm dynamic driver from the driver size you can tell that the bass quality of the Airbuds 4 will be lesser when compared to the Riff 2.

The Airbuds 4 come with good mids and highs. Oraimo focuses more on the treble than the bass quality. But here is the thing. Both earbuds are compatible with the sound app, so you can upgrade the sound quality using the app. Another thing to note is that both earbuds don’t support ANC, so don’t expect them to have transparency mode. Out of the box, the Riff 2 has a better sound quality which makes it the clear winner here.

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Battery Performance

Another important department is the battery life. The Oraimo Riff 2 earbuds come with a battery capacity of 35mAh while the carrying case boasts of 460mAh. With this capacity, you get six hours of playtime from the earbuds at a single charge while you can juice the earbuds up for about two to three times with the charging case. So in total, you get a total of 30 hours from the Riff 2 on a single charge.

With the Airbuds 4, you get a total of 38 hours of playtime with the earbuds giving you seven hours and the case delivering 31 hours. Comparing both you can easily tell that the Airbuds 4 has a better battery life than the Riff 2. Another advantage of the Airbuds 4 is the quick charge ability. A quick 10-minute charge can give you 90 minutes of playtime. As you can see, the Airbuds 4 is the clear winner here.

Connectivity And Game Mode

Both earbuds come with a Bluetooth version 5.3 and both also deliver a transmission range of 10m. They both connect seamlessly and give a stable connection to your device. Also, both don’t support dual connectivity as you get in other Oraimo earbuds. When it comes to latency, you can use both to stream videos online, and the audio sync perfectly with the video, so you won’t experience any form of lagging. When it comes to gaming, you must understand that both earbuds aren’t the best earbuds for gaming. Both earbuds are good for casual gaming however you will experience lagging when you use them for high graphics games. So no clear winner here.

Call Quality

On the call quality test, the Riff 2 has this section here is why. It comes with ENC and four mics, these four mics help to have a crystal clear conversion when on any calls. Although you experience some interference when you are in a noisy environment, the call quality is perfect. The Airbuds 4 also come with ENC however it features just two mics, unlike the four mics you get on the Riff 2. The call quality is moderate however in windy or noisy environments you experience some interference in call quality.


Both earbuds have close features, you can hardly tell which is better. So I leave you to decide on which will be better for you just let us know which you will be choosing in the comment section below. Also please don’t forget to use the discount code BRACKET when you want to purchase either earbud.

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