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Oraimo Airbuds 4 Vs Oraimo Freepods 4–What Is The Difference

Oraimo Airbuds 4 Vs Oraimo Freepods 4
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Oraimo Airbuds 4 Vs Oraimo Freepods 4. This is a constant: Oraimo always strives to flood the market with exciting budget-friendly earbuds. So, what most of us watch out for is how these new earbuds stand out compared to the ones we already have. In this post, we will be doing a side-by-side comparison of the new Oraimo Airbuds 4 and the evergreen Oraimo Freepods 4.

I know many Freepods 4 owners will be asking this question: how good are these Oraimo Airbuds 4 compared to my Freepods 4? If you are one of them, I urge you to read this head-to-head post to the very end. This piece is also useful for those who plan to get either of the two Oraimo earbuds. If you are ready, let’s get into the comparison.

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Oraimo Airbuds 4 Vs Oraimo Freepods 4–Design and Comfort

One thing most earbud lovers always check out, besides sound quality, is the comfort level and design, so this aspect is as important as the sound aspect. It’s also important to note that design is based on preferences, so I won’t say much here. Regarding the charging case, the Airbuds 4 comes in the usual open/close lid with a transparent lid and some diagonal stripes on it, which makes it unique and sleek.

You get the Type-C charging interface underneath the case and an LED display that shows the battery level of both earbuds and the case. Whereas, the Freepods 4 comes in a round, unique charging case with a sliding mechanism. The case comes in black with a matte finish and a white accent when you slide open the case. It has its charging interface at the back and is a bit bulkier compared to the Airbuds 4 case. Both charging cases are cool, really, but because of the LED display on the Airbuds 4, I am going with the Buds 4 charging case.

Coming to the buds, the Airbuds 4 rock a stemless design and snugly fit into the ears perfectly. Even with rigorous head shaking, the earbuds won’t fall off. The comfort level is all okay, thanks to their lightweight design. The controls are on the bean shape of the buds and come with good responses. Whereas, the Freepods 4 are stem-styled and a little bigger at the tips.

The comfort level of the Freepods 4 isn’t as cool as that of the Airbuds 4, but it’s still okay. I prefer the controls on the Freepods 4 to that of the Airbuds 4, probably because I’m more familiar with the Freepods 4 than the Airbuds 4. Lastly, both earbuds come with a water-resistant rating, which makes them perfect for workouts. It also means both can withstand little water splashes and sweat. But they aren’t the best for swimming, so don’t go using them for water sports; they will get damaged.

Sound Quality

Let’s get down to sound quality. The Airbuds 4 comes with a 6mm dynamic driver that helps produce decent sound quality. The Airbuds 4 focuses more on the treble than the bass, and these earbuds are suitable for listening to classic music or low-tune music. But you can improve the bass quality of the earbuds by downloading the sound app and tweaking the sound quality to your taste.

Whereas, the Oraimo Freepods 4 comes with a 10mm bass dynamic driver and provide a more decent sound quality. The Freepods 4 focus more on the bass, which is why its sound is nice and punchy. Just like the Airbuds 4, the Freepods 4 are also compatible with the Oraimo sound app and have more EQs than the Airbuds 4. So both out of the box and with the enhancement of the sound app, the Freepods 4 has better sound quality than the Airbuds 4.

Active Noise Cancellation

The Oraimo Freepods 4 comes with active noise-cancellation features. They are capable of eliminating 36dB of noise from the surroundings, giving you a better listening experience. The ANC feature is a plus for any earbuds, as this helps you listen to your favorite music or podcasts without being disturbed by the noise coming from the surroundings.

The Airbuds 4 lack the ANC feature, which means noise from the surroundings can disturb your listening experience. Also, the Oraimo Airbuds 4 don’t come with transparency mode—the transparency mode lets you know what’s happening around you while still jamming to your favorite music. The Freepods 4 has a transparency mode, which makes it stand out.

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The Airbuds 4 come with Bluetooth version 5.3 and a transmission range of 10m, whereas the Freepods 4 have Bluetooth version 5.2 accompanied by a transmission range of 10m. Both earbuds have a seamless and stable connection. You hardly notice the difference between version 5.3 and version 5.2.

Here is the catch: the Oraimo Freepods 4 supports Google Auto pairing—this means that as you open the earbuds case and bring them out, they automatically pair with your device. Mind you, this feature is only available on Android versions above 6.0.

And for this to work, you must have previously paired them to the device. So since the Airbuds 4 doesn’t support Google Fast pairing, I’m giving this section to the Freepods 4. However, both earbuds are widely compatible and can connect to Androids, iOS devices, and laptops.

Low Latency/Game Mode

In this aspect, you must note that both earbuds aren’t gaming earbuds; however, after testing, one stands out. The Airbuds 4 are cool for streaming online content be it on YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming platforms. You hardly notice any lag. When you use it to play low-graphic games like Candy Crush, the audio syncs perfectly with the video. However, using it on higher graphic games is the problem.

The latency is noticeable; to eliminate this, you will need to switch on game mode on the Oraimo sound app. This helps reduce the latency but doesn’t eliminate lagging. On the other hand, the Freepods 4 have good streaming qualities also and better latency if you ask me. Though the lagging is there, it’s hardly noticeable. It will take a seasoned gamer to notice this. So if you want gaming earbuds, both earbuds can only try but can do the job.

Battery Performance

On a full charge, the Oraimo Airbuds 4 earbuds can last you for 7 hours of playtime while the charging case gives you an extra 31 hours. Whereas the Freepods 4 gives you 8.5 hours while the case gives 27 hours with the ANC off. With the ANC on, you get 7 hours of playtime from the earbuds and the case gives 20 hours. In this section, I leave you to decide which is better.

Call Quality

The Freepods 4 comes with 4 mics, whereas the Airbuds 4 come with two. Another thing to note is that the Freepods 4 has ANC, whereas the Airbuds 4 feature ENC. For calls, the Freepods 4 is better; it helps eliminate noise from the surroundings and ensures crystal-clear conversations. The Airbuds 4 are also decent; however, in noisy or windy environments, the call quality drops. Both are good for online and normal calls.


As of the time of writing this post, the price of the Oraimo Airbuds 4 Is at ₦20500. Whereas, the price of the Freepods 4 is about ₦43500. From the price, you can tell that the Airbuds 4 are way cheaper than the Freepods 4.

But you won’t have any complaints about this because the Freepods 4 comes with ANC features which are absent from the Airbuds 4. You can get either of these Oraimo earbuds and any other Oraimo products at a 5% discount when you use the code BRACKET. This code also works in Ghana, Kenya, and even Morocco. Please do well to use the code.

Verdict On Oraimo Airbuds 4 Vs Oraimo Freepods 4

As you have seen, the Freepods 4 came out as the winner in this comparison post. Its better sound quality, call quality, and the inclusion of ANC make it one of the best earbuds on the market. However, the Airbuds come with an LED battery-level display, which is a plus, and its battery life is one of the best. For those in search of budget-friendly earbuds, the Airbuds 4 is a good choice. But if you have any extra cash to spare on earbuds, I advise you to go for the Oraimo Freepods 4. Let me know what you think of these earbuds in the comments section.

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