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Home » Flash Deal: Get Two Oraimo Slice Link Power Banks For 20K

Flash Deal: Get Two Oraimo Slice Link Power Banks For 20K

Oraimoo slice link
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Everybody knows how important a power bank is to every phone user in Nigeria. And due to the economic problem, most of us are on a tight budget. But this morning’s good news: Oraimo has a flash deal on their website for the Oraimo Slice Link. The Oraimo Slice Link is a power bank that comes with built-in cables. The actual price of the power bank is ₦ 15,000, but with the current flash deal, you can get two of the power bank for ₦ 20,000. That is a massive discount if you ask me, and I bet you can’t get such kind of deal anywhere. For those who don’t know much about the power bank, let’s glance at its features.

Oraimo Slice Link Power Bank Features

The Oraimo Slice Link power bank comes with a battery capacity of 10,000mAh that is capable of charging most devices more than once. It is a slim and portable power bank with three built-in cables. These cables include a Lightning cable, a Type-C cable, and a micro USB cable. It has four indicator lights that show you the battery level of the power bank.

It comes with an additional USB-A output port and a dual input port which include a microUSB and Type-C port. With its dual input ports, you have the liberty to recharge the power bank with whatever recharging cable is at your disposal. The power bank has a fast charging speed of 12W and it is widely compatible with over a thousand devices

With this power bank, you can charge up to four devices at the same time without sacrificing the speed of one of the other. Oraimo claimed the power bank comes with all the needed safety protocols to help keep you and your device safe. Quickly run to the Oraimo store to partake in this flash deal and don’t forget to use the discount code BRACKET to get a 5% discount. Note the deal is exclusive to Nigerian customers.

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