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Oraimo Pilot 15 Flash Review

Oraimo Pilot 15 Flash
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We all know Oraimo power banks are some of the best in Africa, and that’s why the brand continually supplies us with them. In this post, we will be reviewing the Oraimo Pilot 15 Flash. The 15 Flash promises to be a good power bank based on its released features. The power bank comes with four ports, supports the simultaneous charging of three devices, features an LED display, and has a massive 20,000mAh battery capacity. To find out more about this power bank, I urge you to keep reading.

What’s In The Box?

  • The Oraimo Pilot 15 Flash
  • Type-C charging cable
  • User manual

Design And Build Quality

The Oraimo Pilot 15 Flash comes rectangular with rounded edges. It’s somewhat portable and can be carried in a bag or purse. I don’t think slotting it in a pocket is advisable since it’s a bit heavy. It comes fully covered with durable plastic and features diagonal lines on the front and back. These lines serve as anti-scratch protection, helping to protect the surface from scratches and stains. You get a large LED display that shows the battery percentage of the power bank.

At the top, there are four ports: two USB ports, a Type-C port, and a micro USB port. Furthermore, the Pilot 15 Flash comes equipped with comprehensive safety features that help keep you and your devices safe and offer an efficient charging experience. The Oraimo Pilot 15 Flash doesn’t come with a torch, which is a bit odd since most Oraimo power banks include one. Overall, the Pilot 15 Flash has a durable build, and the LED display makes it a must-have power bank.

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Oraimo Pilot 15 Flash Ports

Let’s start with the ports before we go into the performance. As I mentioned earlier, the Pilot 15 Flash comes with four ports: two USB-A ports equipped with Oraimo Anifast fast charging technology, a two-way Type-C port, and a micro USB port. Each port supports 15W fast charging. While this isn’t the fastest on the market, it’s the best you’ll get at this price range.

With this power bank, you can charge three devices simultaneously without sacrificing the speed of one for the others. When the power bank runs low, you can recharge it using either the micro USB port or the Type-C port. The power bank is widely compatible and can be used to charge phones, tablets, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

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Battery Capacity And Performance

The Oraimo Pilot 15 Flash has a battery capacity of 20,000mAh, equivalent to 74Wh. With this much power, you can charge most devices up to three to four times. On a single charge, the power bank can charge your iPhone about four times. If you own a phone with a battery capacity of 5,000mAh, this power bank can charge your phone about three times before it runs low.

You can also use it to charge low-end devices. The power bank features an intelligent chip that recognizes and switches modes when you plug in a low-end device, helping to prevent any damage to your device. Recharging the power bank takes about nine hours, so it’s advisable not to let the power bank run low before recharging it.

Price And Availability

The Oraimo Pilot is currently available in Kenya and Ghana Oraimo stores. The power bank is currently not available in Nigeria. When it hits the Nigerain store we will alert you. Those in Kenya can get the Oraimo Pilot 15 Flash for KES 2,300 and if you are in Ghana you can get it for 270. Don’t forget to use our discount code BRACKET to get a 5% discount on the power bank. You can also use the discount code to purchase other Oraimo products.


The Oraimo Pilot 15 Flash is a good power bank for those searching for a portable power bank to carry around. If you constantly travel, this power bank can be a good companion to help keep your smart devices on. The large LED display makes it a must-have. However, if you prefer a power bank with a torch, you might want to pass on this one.

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