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Oraimo Watch 4 Lite Review–How Good Is This One?

Oraimo Watch 4 Lite
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One thing is certain, Oraimo is a go-to brand when you are in search of budget-friendly smart accessories and that’s why it’s one of the biggest brands in Africa. Recently, Oraimo released a new affordable smartwatch with the name Oraimo Watch 4 Lite. Sounds familiar right? The Oraimo Watch 4 Lite is the smaller version of the Orraimo Watch 4 Plus that was released sometime last year.

The Lite version has some exciting features, including an IP68 waterproof rating, a battery capacity of 300mAh, Bluetooth 5.0, and more. However, those are the advertised specifications, for our test, we will be revealing all we find during the test. And hope these findings help you make the better decision whether to get the watch or not. Without wasting much time, let’s go find out what the Oraimo Watch 4 Lite has to offer.

Unboxing The Oraimo Watch 4 Lite

The watch comes in the usual Oraimo brand box with a black and green color combination. At the front of the box you get the image of the watch and at the back are the watch specifications and a few certifications. Opening the box, you are greeted with the Watch 4 Lite, a magnetic charger, and a welcome guide. That’s all you get from the box, let’s move on to the design and build quality.

Appearance And Build Quality

The Watch 4 Lite comes with a square watch face similar to that of the Watch 4 Plus. You get the power button on the right. The power button features a rotating dial which at first I thought could be used to control the watch. But on testing, I was left disappointed, the rotating dial is just there for fashion it can’t be used for scrolling or controlling the watch. Also at the right you get a microphone for making calls and at the left you get the watch speakers.

Underneath the watch, you get the health sensor that blinks green and the magnetic charging port. It comes with the usual silicon strap you get on most Oraimo watches however, this comes with a metallic buckle instead of the usual plastic buckle. The straps are skin skin-friendly however, I found the metallic buckle a bit uncomfortable. This is because I like to tighten watches to my wrist I don’t like watches dangling on my wrist.

After a while, I felt some discomfort on my wrist as a result of the metallic buckle, so I needed to loosen the buckle a bit. It’s a problem for those who like to tighten their watches. But if you are the type that is used to metallic buckle I think you will enjoy using this. Finally, Oraimo claimed that the Watch 4 Lite is equipped with an IP68 waterproof rating which makes the watch resistant to dust rain, and water splashes.


The watch comes with a display screen of 1.83” TFT and a resolution of 240*284. The display is way smaller than that of the Watch 4 Plus with a display size of 2.1 inches. It comes with a vibrant color that is pleasing to the eyes and a decent brightness level. Under direct sunlight, you can easily see everything on the watch screen. One thing to note is that you have to set the brightness level at the highest level before stepping out.

If you don’t you will hardly see anything on the screen. The screen touch responsiveness is great, you encounter any problems with that. The watch also comes with tap-to-wake and arm-rise features. Lastly, it features thick bezels with a smaller screen if you love a small screen you will love this watch however, if you are the type that loves smartwatches with bigger screen displays the Oraimo Watch ES 2 and Watch 4 Plus are good watches you should check out.

Features And Performance

The Oraimo Watch 4 Lite runs on the OS every other Oraimo watch runs on, so you are bound to get a similar interface and some pre-installed apps. The watch comes with Bluetooth version 5.0 which isn’t the latest version in the market but still does the job. It connects perfectly with your smartphone and maintains a stable and steady connection.

It comes with over a hundred sports modes which we didn’t test and some exciting health features. Some of these features include heart rate, blood and oxygen rate, sleep rate, stress rate, and much more.

The watch supports wireless calling, which means you can use the watch to pick up, daily, and reject calls. This helps a lot when your phone isn’t close by. it also supports emergency calls, just triple-press the power button and it will call the number you saved in case of emergencies.

Also, you can save up to 100 contacts on the watch using the Oraimo health app. There is a little drawback when using this watch to make calls. The call quality isn’t the best and you are easily disturbed by noise and wind. So for calls, this isn’t the best Oraimo watch for that.

The Watch 4 Lite doesn’t come with an in-built music player but it comes with speakers to play music from your phone. This is quite good during workouts, so you don’t need to reach for your phone before playing any son on it. There is this aspect of the watch I don’t like. If you didn’t use the watch to play music for a while, the watch disconnects so you will have to reconnect again to begin to play music.

Which to me is stressful. I love the Find My Device features because it works well. Other features include an alarm setting, a stopwatch, and more. You can also receive message notifications on the watch which include Whatsapp, Facebook, and more. Generally speaking, the features are great with just a few drawbacks.

Battery Performance

The watch comes with a battery capacity of 300mAh, which is similar to the battery capacity you get on most Oraimo watches. Oraimo claimed that the watch can last for 7 days on a single charge. So when we put the watch to the test, we found that we only used 36 percent of the battery for 24 hours. And we only use it moderately to listen to music for some minutes, and for phone calls.

On our estimation, we believe the watch can only last for four days on moderate use, which is still good. You can also juice up the watch for 10 minutes every morning to extend the watch’s battery life.  It will take the watch about two hours to fully recharge which is impressive if you ask me.

Price And Availability

As of the time of writing, the Oraimo Watch goes for ₦ 22,000 which is cheap if you ask me. Those in Kenya and Ghana can also get the watch on the official Oraimo website and app. Please don’t forget to use the discount code BRACKET to get a 5% off on the watch. You can also use the code to purchase other Oraimo products.

Final Verdict

I recommend this watch to those who want to try out a smartwatch for the first time and those on a tight budget. But if you are in search of what will serve well you might not like the Watch 4 Lite because of its poor call quality. Let me know what you think of this Oraimo watch, see you on the next one.

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