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Home » Oraimo Watch ES 2 Vs Oraimo Watch 3 Plus–Which Is Worth Your Money

Oraimo Watch ES 2 Vs Oraimo Watch 3 Plus–Which Is Worth Your Money

Oraimo Watch ES 2 Vs Oraimo Watch 3 Plus
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Oraimo Watch ES 2 Vs Oraimo Watch 3 Plus. Which of these Oraimo smartwatch is worth your money: the Oraimo Watch ES 2 or the Oraimo Watch 3 Plus? Both watches come in at a price below 40,000 naira, and it seems like one offers more value at that price point. This comparison will comprehensively cover various aspects, ranging from design to performance and battery life. By the end of this review, you’ll have a thorough understanding of both watches, including their strengths and weaknesses. We have done a comprehensive review of both watches you can check them out if you want to. Without wasting much of your time let’s get into it.

Oraimo Watch ES 2 Vs Oraimo Watch 3 Plus–Full Comparison Review

Design And Build Quality

Let’s start with their design, the Oraimo Watch ES 2 and the Watch 3 Plus exhibit a striking similarity with both sporting a square shape screen. However, the Watch ES 2 is a bit larger than the Watch 3 Plus. Noteworthy distinctions include the presence of a crown for controlling the Watch ES 2, whereas the Watch 3 Plus relies solely on buttons. Both smartwatches have a relatively thick form factor, and both come with black rubber straps. There is a downside here though, as Oraimo doesn’t provide options for swapping the straps. Both watches sport a conspicuous Oraimo branding on their straps.

Equipped with a microphone to support wireless calls, both watches have sensors and a charging port at the back. However, the Watch ES 2 stands out with its neatly arranged sensors at the back, contributing to a more polished look. Both watches boast an IP68 certification, ensuring their resilience against rain and heavy sweat during workouts. Despite their similarities in design, the Watch ES 2’s crown enhances user experience, giving it a slighter advantage over the Watch 3 Plus.

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Oraimo Watch ES 2 Vs Oraimo Watch 3 Plus–Display

The Oraimo Watch ES 2 features a 1.95-inch AMOLED display, surpassing the Watch 3 Plus, which comes with a 1.83-inch TFT display. In this regard, the Watch ES 2 takes the lead with its larger and more vibrant display that performs well even in bright outdoor conditions. While the Oraimo Watch 3 Plus holds its own with a decent display, however, the AMOLED screen gives the Watch ES 2 a better display.

The Watch ES 2 also boasts slightly smaller bezels, contributing to a more immersive visual experience. The icons on the Watch ES 2 are slightly larger, enhancing visibility and aesthetics. Although the interface on both watches is similar, the Watch ES 2 stands out with noticeable minor refinements. Both smartwatches exhibit a high touch response rate, and users can customize the watch face on both devices. To sum it up, when it comes to the display, the Watch ES 2 outperforms the Watch 3 Plus by a considerable margin.

Connectivity And Other Features

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, the Oraimo Watch ES 2 and the Watch 3 Plus offer seamless connectivity to any smartphone. A notable feature is the ability to make and receive calls directly from the watches, adding an exciting dimension to their functionality. Both smartwatches support the SOS feature, where you get to call up a saved-up number when you find yourself in an emergency.

Furthermore, each of these smartwatches supports the Oraimo Health app, which is essential for more accurate data and customization. The app provides real-time updates on your activities, and you can conveniently share your progress directly from the application. Additionally, the app enables tracking and locating of both watches in case they go missing, with an option to make them beep.

Boasting a wide array of fitness and sports modes, including options for cycling, running, and walking, both watches offer real-time updates. Monitoring blood oxygen levels and heart rate is a shared feature, and both watches support sleep tracking, providing insights into your overnight sleep patterns, including moments of deep sleep.

For a comprehensive understanding of your health, the app is crucial when using either of the watches. One notable advantage the Watch 3 Plus has over the Watch ES 2 is the inclusion of a built-in music player. With this, you get to import music directly to the watch, allowing you to control the music on your phone directly from the watch.

The call quality is HD on both watches, and you have the flexibility to answer calls from anywhere within the connected range. In summary, these watches offer robust connectivity, extensive fitness tracking capabilities, and a seamless user experience.

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Battery Performance

The Oraimo Watch ES 2 and the Watch 3 Plus come equipped with a massive 300mAh battery that provides an impressive seven days of battery life on a single charge under moderate settings. The Watch 3 Plus edges slightly ahead in terms of battery life, attributed to its display’s lower power consumption. The Oraimo Watch ES 2, with its vibrant and brighter AMOLED display, tends to use more battery power. While there is a slight advantage in favor of the Watch 3 Plus, the difference is not significant, and users are unlikely to encounter issues with the Watch ES 2’s battery performance.

Both watches support quick charging, offering up to 24 hours of battery life with just a ten-minute charge. Charging from zero to full takes approximately an hour. Even with full utilization of all features at maximum settings, users can expect up to 3 days of battery life on both watches. We can say, that both watches provide commendable battery performance, with the Watch 3 Plus holding a slight edge due to its more power-efficient display.

Price And Availability

Both smartwatches are currently available on the Oraimo e-store. The Watch ES goes for ₦38500 while you can get the Watch 3 Plus for ₦25500. As you can see the Watch ES 2 is a bit more expensive. This is reasonable when you consider that the Watch ES 2 comes with a better screen and some upgraded features, so no complaints here. Please use the code BRACKET to get 5% off all your purchases in the Oraimo stores. And the code is also valid in Kenya and Ghana, use the code to support the page.

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The Oraimo Watch ES 2 stands out as the more appealing choice compared to the Oraimo Watch 3 Plus. Its superior and larger display alone makes it a compelling option. While many features are similar between the two watches, the Watch ES 2’s display superiority, along with a slight design difference, makes it a preferred choice. However, the Watch 3 Plus has an advantage of its own, a built-in music player.

Although its total storage is 12 MB it’s still nice to have a smartwatch that comes with with its player. What we try to achieve in this Oraimo Watch ES 2 Vs Oraimo Watch 3 Plus post is to assist you in making an informed choice, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, and we’ll be happy to provide answers. And please don’t forget to use the discount code BRACKET when you make up your mind about which to go for.

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