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All You Need To Know About The Oraimo Shopping App

Oraimo Shopping app
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Hello guys, in today’s post, we will be reviewing the new Oraimo shopping app. If you remember sometime last month Oraimo promised to release its shopping app to help upgrade user experience. So Oraimo has delivered on their promise. The brand released its official shopping app last week and this app promises to be a blast. In this post I will be releasing some key features of the app and why you should go download one for yourself. And mind you the app is available on both Android and iOS devices. So without wasting much time let’s go see why you should download the Oraimo shopping app.

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Top Features Of The Oraimo Shopping App

1. In App Discount

The new app comes with an in-app discount. For new users you get a 12% discount on any product you want to purchase. And don’t forget you can also use our discount code BRACKET to get an additional 5% discount which makes a total of 17% discount which to me is a good business. Please note the 12% discount is just for new users. But you can continue to use the discount code to get 5% off anytime you want to make a purchase.

2. Track Your Product

With the Oraimo Store app, you can now easily track your orders. From the moment you place an order on the app, you can begin to track your order. With this, you don’t have to be guessing when your order will arrive. I think this is a cool feature since it’s available on most popular shopping apps.

3. In App Flash Deals

On the app, you get some flash deals where the prices of some products are splashed. With this, you can take advantage of this offer and order with whatever you have been planning to order. Furthermore, you get daily deals, free gift offers, and lots more from the app.

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User Interface

Personally, I commend the developers. The app is easy to use for anyone. Everything on the app is well arranged, and the color combination is also pleasing to the eyes. I would say this is one of the easiest shopping apps I’ve ever installed. Everything is straight to the point and well-labeled. You can easily navigate yourself around the app. Also, you can use the search button to search for any product you want to purchase which is pretty nice in my opinion.


These are a few reasons why I think you should quickly go install the Oraimo store app. Mind you you can’t get these features on the website so quickly take advantage of these features by installing the app. To conclude the app has the official customer care numbers and their various social media handles. Also, you get the official Whatsapp number. This can come in handy just in case you have any issues or whatsoever. Please don’t forget to use the discount code BRACKET on the app. Let me know what you think of this Oraimo app in the comment section below.

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