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How To Claim Oraimo Warranty

How To Claim Oraimo Warranty
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Let’s take about how to claim the Oraimo warranty. So if you have been wondering how you can claim the Oraimo warranty, this post is definitely for you. As we all know, Oraimo is one of the biggest well-known smartphone accessories brands in Africa. It is a brand that make sure they continue to deliver back-to-back budget-friendly devices to all of their customers.

At the Oraimo store, you can get audio accessories which range from earbuds and Bluetooth speakers to portable power banks, keyboards, smart bulbs, and so on. And all of their products are durable and trustworthy. However, some of the products might have certain factory problems even the biggest brands product experience this.

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And that is why there is always a warranty in case such problems arises. Now claiming the warranty of your Oraimo product is quite simple. However, there are things you must know before you go claim a warranty, which we will be letting you know in this post. Ok, let’s quickly go check how to claim the Oraimo warranty.

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How To Claim The Oraimo Warranty

There are a few steps you should take before you go claim your Oraimo warranty. Please follow us gently.

Quick Fix

It is always advisable to exhaust all possible means to fix the device. Be it earbuds, power banks, etc. It is advisable to do a quick fix first. Please note that we are not saying you should open the device up or take it to a repair guy, NO. We are just saying, you should try and reset the earbuds when it is not working or if it’s a battery-related problem, be it a power bank of any device that uses a battery please make sure to recharge the device till it’s full before you use it. If you do not know how to reset earbuds, you can check our post on that. And if the issue is beyond fixing then go to the next step.

Visit Carl Care Center

If you have tried all the quick resets and non worked, the next thing is to gather all the items that came with the device. That could be the user manual, charging cables, extra ear tips, and so on. Package all the items into the Oraimo box with your receipt and visit any Carl Care center close to you. If you do not know of any Carl care center in your locality, you can type on Google Your Location plus Carl Care to find out the closest Carl care center in your area.

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They are not going to charge you for anything, all you have to do is to make your complaints and submit the product with the receipt. If you order the product online, then you should have the order number handbill. The order number always comes with your order receipt online. You can check your email or your profile on the Oraimo store to find the order number. The receipt or the order number is very important if you want to claim the warranty.

Please note, the Terms and Conditions of the Oraimo warranty only cover the original purchase of the Oraimo product. Also, the warranty does not cover any wear and tear that may arise because of the misuse of the product. So if you cause a problem by misusing the product, the warranty does not cover that. So it is very important to go through the warranty Terms and Conditions before you take the product to Carl Care.

What Carl Care Need From You

When you take the product to Carl Care, the customer service will ask you for some personal information like your name, phone number, address, and every other thing, so that they can know that you brought this product to them and they want to replace it for you. Customer service will tell you the time to come back for the replacement.

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Final Words

Claiming the warranty of any Oraimo product is super fast and easy, we have been there to claim the warranty of some products and it was easy and fast. Please note, if you damage the product yourself, the Carl Care service will not replace the product for you because it wasn’t covered in the warranty Terms and Conditions. But if the problem is a factory problem, please take it to them as quickly as possible to have them replace it for you. If you think this post has been helpful, please do well to share it with others and help leave a comment in the comment section. You can get any oraimo product with 5% CHEAPER with Discount Code: F85A5F3951ZP at Oraimo Nigeria eShop Website.

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