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How To Reset Tozo OpenBuds Within Minutes

How to reset TOZO OpenBuds
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Tozo has one of the best and most affordable collections of earbuds in the market. This has caught the attention of many, and many have started flooding the Tozo space to get one for themselves. A few weeks back, we reviewed an earbud from Tozo named the TOZO OpenBuds. These earbuds are among the best open buds you can get on the market. The sound is great, and the comfort level is top-notch.

You can check out the full review here. After some weeks of using the OpenBuds, we began to experience some glitches like the buds not pairing with our devices, and sometimes the touch controls not working as they should. This isn’t something new if you have been using earbuds.

Even the more expensive earbuds tend to malfunction sometimes. To fix any earbuds having connection problems, you will need to reset the buds. So in this post, we will show you how to reset the TOZO OpenBuds earbuds. Resetting helps factory reset the earbuds, helping to clear out any form of issues. To learn how to reset the TOZO OpenBuds, read on.

How To Reset TOZO OpenBuds

Resetting the TOZO OpenBuds is very simple. First, you have to disconnect the earbuds from your device. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth and select TOZO OpenBuds. Next, select the gear icon and tap on “disconnect” or “unpair” on your phone. This will disconnect the earbuds from your phone. Now, turn off your phone’s Bluetooth. Next, pick up the earbuds and make sure they have some charge. Open the buds case; you will find a reset button on the case close to the earbuds. The next thing to do is tap and hold the button for about eight seconds. After eight seconds of holding the reset button, you will notice the LED indicator on the earbuds will blink blue and then begin to blink white. This signifies that the reset is complete. Go ahead and reconnect the earbuds to your device and continue to use them.

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That’s pretty much how to reset the TOZO OpenBuds. So when next you experience some issues with the earbuds, simply follow these steps, and your earbuds will be back to normal. If you have any questions about earbuds and smartwatches, let us know in the comment section below.

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