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Tozo OpenBuds Review–A Good Reward For Money

Tozo OpenBuds
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For wireless earbuds to function as well as possible, they must fit securely and comfortably. But because ear shapes and sizes vary so much, finding the ideal fit may frequently be difficult. To solve this problem, open-ear earphones are a good option. Open-ear earphones are made to go around the ears rather than the ear canal as typical earbuds do. This ensures a secure fit that fits all ear shapes. For those of you in search of nice open ear earbuds, in this post, we will be looking at the Tozo OpenBuds.

Tozo is known for its exceptional audio quality and affordability. The brand has taken a significant step forward into the midmarket. And for this main reason, it added the OpenBuds to its collection. The Tozo OpenBuds have a 42-hour battery life when used with its charging case, and they have built-in biaxial rotating ear hooks, 14.2mm dynamic drivers, and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. These features are all you get on paper, lets go find out if the OpenBuds come with them in real life.

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What in The Box

  • TOZO Openbuds Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • Charging Cable
  • Quick Guide & User Manual

Appearance And Build Quality

The Tozo OpenBuds comes with a sizable, pebble-shaped charging case designed to both house and charges the buds. Available in a sleek matte black finish, both the case and buds sport a graphite grey color rather than a true black. Measuring 92mm in length and 56mm in width, the charging case stands out for its larger-than-average size when you compare it to most open earbuds in the market.


The ear hook is one of the factors that make the buds have a large factor. And this hook occupies a significant part of the interior space. The case is not a pocket-friendly type. This is because it weighs a combined 72 grams, and each earbud is impressively lightweight, tipping the scales at just over 5 grams apiece.

The Tozo Open Buds’ unique air-conduction design, which places the speaker drivers above the ear canal, is what makes them so remarkable. This particular arrangement not only allows users to stay aware of background noise in their surroundings, but it also fits people whose ear shapes could make it uncomfortable for them to wear regular in-ear buds. Additionally, the OpenBuds’ ear hooks have a metal hinge mechanism with seven stages of adjustment and haptic feedback to give wearers a personalized fit.

Also, these hooks can be turned 90 degrees, which increases their flexibility to different ear shapes. The Tozo OpenBuds are among the most comfortable earbuds, even with their larger size. I found that wearing the OpenBuds for lengthy periods was surprisingly comfortable—they were just the right amount of snug without being uncomfortable.

Although most users may find a good fit with the biaxial rotating mechanism, each person’s ear shape and size will always play a role in how comfortable and secure the OpenBuds are overall. Furthermore, the buds come with an IPX6 water-resistant rating. This means the OpenBuds are well-equipped to withstand rigorous exercise routines and varying weather conditions. This level of water resistance provides peace of mind for users, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments.

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Connectivity And Touch Controls

The Tozo Open Buds boast Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, ensuring seamless pairing with your device. To establish a connection between the buds and your device, simply open the buds and search for it on your device. Hit on the name of the device ‘TOZO OpenBuds’ and it will seamlessly connect to your device. Additionally, the Open Buds support Bluetooth multipoint connection, allowing for simultaneous pairing with up to two devices, enhancing convenience and versatility.

The Tozo OpenBuds feature a simple and intuitive touch control scheme, allowing users to execute various commands with ease. By performing single or multiple taps on either the left or right earbud, users can pause/play music or skip tracks forward/backward. Adjusting the volume is achieved through a long press on the left earbud to decrease and on the right earbud to increase the volume.

Tozo OpenBuds Audio Performance

The TOZO OpenBuds boast an exceptionally smooth and natural sound signature. One of its most notable attributes is the vivid and exquisitely textured mid-range, which strikes a perfect balance between being forward and engaging without ever becoming overly pronounced. This quality places vocals and instruments front and center, ensuring they shine with remarkable clarity and presence.

What truly sets the TOZO OpenBuds apart is its remarkable sense of space and imaging. It delivers an immersive listening experience, transporting the listener beyond the confines of their head and creating a genuine out-of-head sensation. This unique characteristic elevates the OpenBuds from merely great-sounding to truly special-sounding, making them a standout choice for discerning audio enthusiasts.

One thing you should know is that open earbuds such as the OpenBuds typically aren’t renowned for their bass prowess. However, the OpenBuds pleasantly defy expectations in this regard. While they may not boast an overwhelming bass presence, they offer more depth and body to the overall tone than one might anticipate. The bass response is well-balanced within the overall sound signature, providing additional volume and clarity to bass instruments.

Nevertheless, there’s room for improvement in terms of bass extension; it feels like the bass could truly shine with some added support from the lower frequencies. The mid frequencies are great, and you get a clear vocal on any sound you are jamming to. Furthermore, the highs on the TOZO OpenBuds maintain a smooth and consistent presentation without any particularly standout characteristics. In general, I will say the Tozo OpenBuds have a balanced sound profile.

Tozo OpenBuds Battery Performance

The Tozo OpenBuds comes with 70mAh batteries in each earbud. Whereas the charging case houses an extra 650mAh pack. According to Tozo’s specifications, the buds are to provide approximately 12 hours of playback on a single charge, on a volume level of 50%. While the charging case extends the total playtime to an impressive 42 hours.

On usage, we achieved an impressive 11 hours of playback from the buds alone, showcasing stellar endurance. Furthermore, the case provided enough power for 3 complete recharges, resulting in a combined battery life of 33 hours which is pretty decent for its price.

Recharging the case via the USB-C port proved to be swift, taking just 2 hours to replenish its power reserves fully. This efficient charging process ensures minimal downtime between uses, allowing users to enjoy extended listening sessions without interruption.

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Call Quality

I’ve noticed that air-conduction headphones and earbuds typically have very good call quality. Does this apply to the TOZO Open Buds, though? Without a doubt, the answer is yes. The remarkably high volume capability allowed me to receive crystal-clear audio from the person on the other end, even in noisy settings. The important question now is: How well are they able to hear me? Remarkably well, similar to talking straight into a phone, especially in calm interior environments. However, in a noisy environment, you might not have a crystal clear call.

Tozo App

The OpenBuds just like other Tozo earbuds is compatible with the Tozo app. On the app, you can customize the touch controls to your taste. Although, the default settings are cool, however, I still love the fact that you can personalize your controls the way you want them.

In addition to touch controls, the Tozo App extends functionality by allowing users to customize the equalizer settings. This feature enables users to switch between five different presets, offering a degree of control over the sound profile. However, it’s important to highlight that this falls short of the ten presets provided by other models.

While this limitation may be attributed to a software issue, it’s worth noting that there’s potential for future updates to expand the available options. Nonetheless, at present, users may find the customization options slightly limited compared to other models within the same brand lineup.

Price And Availability

Coming to the price of these Tozo earbuds. As of the time of writing this post, the buds go for $70 which is equivalent to NGN 92,372. You can get the earbuds from Aliexpress and on Amazon stores. You can also get it at other retail stores.


The Tozo OpenBuds represent a remarkable addition to the realm of true wireless earphones. Offering a unique open design that enhances our awareness of our surroundings. While delivering quality sound and stable wireless connectivity. With a balanced and lively tuning, these earbuds excel across various genres of music.

The OpenBuds continue Tozo’s tradition of providing reliable and great-sounding earbuds at affordable prices. Also, OpenBuds further solidifies the brand’s reputation for delivering exceptional value to consumers.

Overall, OpenBuds stands out as yet another good piece from the brand. When you consider that this piece offers a compelling combination of performance, functionality, and affordability. I recommend these buds to anyone in search of good open ear earbuds at an affordable price.

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