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Oraimo Watch ES 2 Vs Oraimo Watch ER–Battle Of The AMOLED

Oraimo Watch ES 2 Vs Oraimo Watch ER
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Oraimo Watch ES2 Vs Oraimo Watch ER. Getting the right Oraimo smartwatch for yourself can be stressful, especially when you want one with an AMOLED display. Oraimo is known for its budget-friendly smartwatches, and many users prefer Oraimo watches over high-end ones due to factors like price. When you consider it, these Oraimo watches hold up well compared to the most expensive smartwatches. The dilemma here is: which AMOLED screen watch is right for you? In this post, we will compare the Oraimo Watch ES 2 and the Oraimo Watch ER. If you’re unsure which to choose, follow us as we delve into details.

Design and Build Quality

The Watch ES 2 comes with a square face with a display size of 1.95 inches, covered all around with durable plastic material. It features a round power button with a green accent and a health sensor at the back that blinks when in use. Additionally, there’s a magnetic charging interface at the back. The Oraimo Watch ER, on the other hand, has a round face with a display size of 1.43 inches, also covered with plastic material.

It features two buttons: a round power button and a shortcut menu button. At the back, it has a heart sensor and a charging interface. Both watches have silicone straps of reasonable length that fit all wrist sizes. You can detach the straps of the Oraimo Watch ER and replace them whenever needed. Oraimo offers spare straps on their site for any of the wristwatches.

Both smartwatches have a similar build, with the noticeable difference being in the watch faces and the number of buttons they come with. Furthermore, the Watch ES 2 has a waterproof rating of IP68, making it resistant to both dust and water splashes. The Oraimo Watch ER also possesses the same waterproof rating, making both watches perfect for workouts and outdoor activities. Both are fashionable watches, and design, as we know, is down to personal preference. I leave you to decide in this section.

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Oraimo Watch ES 2 Vs Oraimo Watch ER–Display

Both watches come with AMOLED screen displays, with the noticeable difference being in the display size. The Watch ES 2 features a 1.95-inch display, which is larger than that of the Watch ER, with a display size of 1.43 inches. However, the Watch ER has a better resolution. Both watches come with vivid and saturated colors that are pleasing to the eyes.

Under direct sunlight, both watches are bright; however, the Watch ER shines brighter and is clearer. Both possess smooth and highly responsive touch controls. Furthermore, both watches have the same number of watch faces, and you are at liberty to select any that best suit you.

Connectivity and Wireless Calling Features

Since both watches are from the same brand, they share the same software. The Watch ES 2 and ER come with similar connection protocols and are widely compatible. Both watches offer stable and reliable connections, which means you won’t experience any distortion when the connection is established between the watches and your phone.

Both use the Oraimo Health app, which you can connect to either via QR code scanner or via Bluetooth. Also, the watches come with a built-in mic that allows them to support wireless calling. On both watches, you can make, reject, and receive calls directly from the watch without reaching for your phone.

Both of these watches also allow you to save contacts and both support the SOS feature, where you can save a loved one’s contact and speed dial them in case of an emergency. Since the Watch ES and Watch ER share the same software, it’s hard to differentiate which is better in this section.

Fitness and Health Features

Regarding fitness, both watches have the same number of fitness modes, which include both indoor and outdoor activities. On both watches, you get a 100+ sport mode that includes walking, cycling, running, treadmill, and so on. You can use the app to check your fitness records, and the app allows you to share them with friends on social media.

Another thing is that both watches allow you to set health reminders. Furthermore, they share the same health features. Both watches help track your heartbeat, stress level, blood oxygen level, and so on. They also help track your sleep level and notify you when you have an unhealthy sleep schedule. On a general note, there’s no noticeable difference in this aspect either.

Battery Performance

The Oraimo Watch ES 2 comes with an impressive battery life. On a single charge, the watch can last you for 6 days with normal usage, while you get four to five days with moderate usage. With the entire features of the watch in use, you get two days of battery life. The cool thing here is that the Watch ES 2 comes equipped with a fast charging interface; a quick ten-minute charge can take you through a whole day.

On the other hand, the Watch ER comes with a battery capacity of 300mAh, capable of lasting for about a week. Using the watch moderately, you get four days, and on heavy usage, you get two days. This doesn’t come with quick charge protocols, which makes it lag behind the Watch ES 2 in this aspect. But in a closer look, both watches share similar performance levels, with just a slight edge here for the Watch ES 2.

Oraimo Watch ES 2 Vs Oraimo Watch ER–Features

Since both come with the same built-in software, it’s reasonable for both watches to share the same features. On both watches, you can set alarms, reminders, use the “find my device” feature, camera remote control, and so on. However, the major difference is the built-in music player you get in the Watch ER that is absent on the Watch ES 2.

With this, you can store music directly on the Watch ER and play it directly from the watch. If you think the speaker isn’t loud enough, you can connect the watch to a TWS or a Bluetooth speaker to jam to your favorite song. Although the memory space isn’t that large (you only get about 120MB), this feature makes the Watch ER stand out when compared to the Oraimo Watch ES 2.

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Price and Availability

You can get both watches at the Oraimo stores and other retail stores in the country. As of the time of writing, the Oraimo Watch ES 2 goes for ₦39,950, whereas you can get the Oraimo Watch ER at ₦62,700. The Watch ER is more expensive when you compare the prices.

This might be due to the addition of the MP3 music player. Apart from that, these watches have similar features. Please don’t forget to use the discount code “BRACKET” when making a purchase on the Oraimo website. You get a 5% discount when you use the code. The code is also valid in Kenya, Ghana, and Morocco.


Both the Oraimo Watch ES 2 and the Oraimo Watch ER are good and excellent smartwatches. They both share similar properties, such as having an AMOLED screen and the same fitness mode features. On the battery side, there’s no noticeable difference; however, the built-in music player is the key difference between both watches.

The prices of both watches are another factor to consider, with the Watch ER being significantly more expensive compared to the Watch ES 2. Our job is to compare these watches, and we’ve done that. Now, it’s your choice to decide which is best for you. Let me know which one you will be going with in the comment section below.

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