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TOZO A3 Full Review

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The Tozo A3 are nice looking earbuds with a smooth built. The feature a half in ear design and ae stem styled. The earbuds comes with a battery capacity of 35mAh and the case with 400mAh which are believed to deliver a total battery life of 35 hours on a single charge. You also get a Bluetooth 5.3 that promises to give a stable and seamless connection. The Tozo A3 promises to be a good budget earbuds, so without wasting much time lets get into the full review.

Unboxing The TOZO A3

The Tozo A3 comes in a nice looking box, opening the box, you get the charging case, the Type-C charging cable, a welcome guide and the obvious commodity the Tozo A3. There are no extra eart tips in the box. This is because the Tozo A3 is a half in ear earbuds.

Design And Build Quality

The Tozo A3 comes in a compact clambshell case. The case is lightweight and can easily slide into a tight jean pocket. It made from a durable plastic material that doesn’t feel cheap. The matte finish on the case made my day. With this, you don’t have to worry about the case picking up stains and snudges. You get the Tozo brand name at the front of the case, the charging interface beneath and a reset button.

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Opening the lid, you get the earbuds securely seated in the case. From the first glance you can tell that the TOZO A3 are half in ear earbuds. The half in ear earbuds don’t come with tips that explain why we didn’t get extra eartips in the box. They are also stem styled kind of earbuds, in which the stem help make them snug into the ear canals properly. You have the touch controls at the top of the buds, the touch controls aren’t that responsive as the ones you get on other Tozo earbuds but its still ok.

The buds are lightweight and are also made from the same plastic material as the case. The comfort level is the thing here for me, is so comfortable in the ears that you can go jamming to your favorite songs without feeling and for of discomfort. Mind you, Tozo A3 doesn’t come with any waterproof rating so its best you stay away from water or heavy rain.

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Sound Quality

The Tozo A3 comes with a dynamic driver of 14.3mm which in turn help delivers a thumping bass. It also supports the AAC and the SBC audio codecs which make them compatible to most devices. The sound quality for me is balance, however, in some music you get the bass more than the highs and mids.

Another thing here is that some instruments like the guitar have a more forward sound than other instruments. I would have love it to be balance. Also the male vocals seems more louder than the female’s. the treble is also ok but I would have love it to be better. The A3 isnt compatible to the Tozo app, so you cant tweak the sound quality. I will simply rate the sound quality 7/10.


The Tozo A3 performs well when it comes to connection.  The buds come with a Bluetooth 5.3 which is the latest Bluetooth in the market and with a reasonable range of 10 meters. On first connection, simply search the earbuds con your mobile phone or any device you wish to connect them to. Tap on the name and that’s it.  Subsequent connections are automatic, simply open the lid and the earbuds will auto connect to the previously paired device. The Tozo A3 arent a gaming earbuds, so you might experience lag when you use them to stream or game.

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Battery Life

The Tozo A3 comes with an average battery life, on a single charge, you get a 5 hours of playtime at a volume level of 50%, which is lower than most Tozo earbuds. The charging case gives you an extra 22 hours. If you are the type that like cracking up volume levels, you might be disappointed with the battery life of this one. At volume of 70—80, you get 3—4 hours of playtime which is not impressive at all. Recharging the earbuds and the case takes 1.5 hours. I wish the battery performance would have been better.

Call Quality

The call quality part is the selling point for this earbuds. It features a DSP call noise reduction feature that help surpress any form of external noise during calls. The DSP uses the a technique that generates an anti noise waveform which help cancel out any form of noise from the surrondings. The earbuds are perfect for both casual and online calls. If you searching for a busget friendly earbuds for calls only, I suggest you get the Tozo A3.

Price And Availability

The Tozo A3 comes in a single white colour and you can get them on the Tozo official stores for about $22.99. The earbuds are also available on Amazon and Aliexpress.


The Tozo A3 are basic earbuds for anyone in search of a simple budget earbuds. The sound quality is ok if you are a fan of thumping bass, the battery life isn’t the greatest and the design for is just basic. These earbuds are best for people in search of a cheap calling earbuds and those who careless about battery life. Do we recommend this earbuds? Sure, this is because of the price tag.


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