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TOZO Crystal Buds Review

TOZO Crsyatl Buds
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“The Tozo Crystal Buds are an excellent pair of earbuds from Tozo. They come with an array of features including decent battery life, sleek design, and excellent sound quality. Although the Crystal Buds lack active noise cancellation and a transparency mode, they still hold up well. Let’s see how they perform in real life.

Whats In The Box

  • TOZO Crystal buds
  • Six extra ear tips
  • Type-C charging cable
  • Welcome guide

Design And Build Quality

TOZO Crystal Buds

The TOZO Crystal Buds come in a well-crafted case that is compact and portable, easily slipping into your pocket or bag for on-the-go use. The upper lid is transparent, allowing you to see the earbuds inside, with the TOZO logo at the front and an LED display showing the battery percentage of both the case and the earbuds. Furthermore, there is a Type-C charging interface on the case. However, the case is prone to scratches, so you need to handle it carefully.

Opening the case, you’ll find the earbuds well seated due to the magnetic surface that keeps them secure. The earbuds boast a sleek, glossy finish that exudes sophistication, with a subtle brand logo adding elegance without being overly flashy. They feature elongated nozzles but maintain a comfortable fit without feeling too deep in your ears.

Their rounded triangular design ensures a snug fit. However, extended usage may cause some discomfort in your ears, so it’s advisable to take breaks. Additionally, the earbuds feature an IPX8 waterproof rating, making them suitable for workouts and running as they can withstand sweat and water splashes. Overall, the Tozo Crystal Buds have solid build quality for their price.

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Sound Quality

The TOZO Crystal Buds deliver exceptional audio for both music and calls. Powered by advanced technology called ORIGX 2.0 and featuring a specialized 6mm speaker, these earbuds offer clarity and richness that immerse you in your music or conversations. Whether you’re enjoying deep bass or high notes, the Crystal Buds reproduce a wide range of sounds, ensuring you catch every detail in your favorite songs.

However, the emphasis on mids and highs means that the bass quality may not satisfy those who prefer strong bass. You can improve the bass quality using the Tozo app, which allows you to customize the sound quality to your preference. Another downside is that increasing the volume may result in harsh sound. It’s better to stick to moderate volume levels.

The Crystal Buds are compatible with the Tozo app, where you can tweak the sound quality to your desired tune. Furthermore, gaming with the Crystal Buds is not recommended due to the lack of a dedicated Gaming Mode or low-latency mode, and their sound synchronization struggles to keep pace with fast-paced action in games like Call of Duty Mobile. However, they work perfectly for streaming.

Bluetooth And Low Latency

The TOZO Crystal Buds excel in connectivity, thanks to Bluetooth 5.3, the latest version, ensuring a robust and uninterrupted connection for your music. Setting them up with any device is straightforward. With an impressive range of approximately 10 meters, you can move around freely without fearing signal loss. The connection remained consistently strong indoors and outdoors.

Battery Performance

In terms of battery life, the TOZO Crystal Buds perform admirably, offering up to 9 hours of usage at half volume, providing ample listening time without worrying about running out of battery. For those who prefer wireless charging, these earbuds have you covered. Simply place them on a wireless charging pad to replenish their power. With a sizable battery, they can last up to 40 hours in total, allowing several days of use without recharging.

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Call Quality

Tozo earbuds have consistently fallen short in the calling department, and regrettably, the Crystal Buds are no exception. It’s not advisable to rely on them for phone or video calls. Despite providing relatively natural sound for your voice, the performance dips and fades even in quiet indoor settings. In numerous occasions, I’ve had to ask the other caller to repeat themselves, which is inconvenient. The call quality indoors is also not great, which is disappointing. The situation worsens in noisy environments and windy conditions.

Price And Availability

As of now, the Crystal Buds come in a single black color and are available on Tozo’s official stores for $39.99. On Aliexpress, the earbuds are priced at US $53, equivalent to NGN71,749. They are also available on Amazon stores.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for affordable earbuds with good features, the Tozo Crystal Buds can be a good option. Despite lacking active noise cancellation, they excel in design, sound, and battery life. They support both wired and wireless charging, and the LED display is an added advantage for monitoring battery levels. Overall, the Crystal Buds offer good value for their price.”

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